Rob leaving the VMA's

Don't blink

Thanks to Vanessa


Lisa said...

Ah, bugger....I blinked ;)

Guess I'll have to go watch again LOL

bonemama said...

get him anyway we can girls!!!

Dani said...

Alrighty Kate love I am off to bed and there isn't a damn thing more coming out from the VMAs.

Slim pickings this year.

Night all.

mya bluesky said...

more they hide him, more screaming coming from fans...Rob u're too hot to be ignored.

ROB PATTINSON for Dummies said...

ok DANI,

take care of little BELLA, or was that little EDWARD? :)

tnan said...

Gah, just watched Beyonce give an amazing performance, but all I could think of is Rob bebopping to 'single ladies' !!

LOL, from marcmalkin:

'But what were they doing backstage? Well, one of the New Moon threesome was dancing to "Single Ladies," that's what. Read on to find out what happened when they weren't on camera...

Rob and Kristen weren't about to give any indication they were a couple. Even backstage, there was no PDA. But they did sit together and chat for a bit.

They were silent when Lady Gaga came into area covered in fake blood after her performance. But they both giggled when Gaga came out from behind makeshift dressing room in her face-covering red lace get-up.

After presenting the New Moon trailer, Rob, Kristen and Taylor came back to talent holding area for photos.

And that's when Rob did a little jig to "Single Ladies" while Beyonce's performance was on monitor.

Then they were gone. I'm told they were taken to their cars and may have been going to fly back to Canada.'

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