Robert Pattinson Drives Vancouver CRAZY


Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner drive Vancouver crazy — Twilight hysteria spills over into Zac attack

Vancouverites used to be indifferent to film stars — then came the Twilhards

VANCOUVER — Hollywood North is on the verge of losing its reputation for cool.

Vancouver has seen stars aplenty since the city graduated into one of North America’s film and television centres. A-listers such as Sean Penn and Robert De Niro are seen walking down the street and dining without bodyguards. Heck, Goldie and Kurt felt so comfortable they bought a house here some years ago.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were molested by paparazzi, but they had a new baby and the public had a right to know what the little tyke looks like. They weren’t mobbed by fans, only the working press.

“Celebrities have always felt quite comfortable in Vancouver and that’s part of our charm and our competitive advantage,” said B.C. Film Commissioner Susan Croome.

History will record that 2009 was the year that everything changed. When filming started last spring on New Moon, the second story in the Twilight saga by author Stephenie Meyer, fans flocked to filming locations in the hundreds, creating unprecedented security headaches for the producers.

Twilight stars Rob Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart are back in Vancouver making the third film, Eclipse, until the end of October and the hysteria shows no sign of letting up. The young stars are tracked by fans to their hotel and favourite restaurants and any bars and clubs where they might try to sneak a drink or see a band.

Fans travel from all over North America and as far away as New Zealand to track their vampire heroes in the hope of getting a picture or an autograph. Some have succeeded, many more failed.

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The sets for Charlie St. Cloud and Eclipse are closed to the media, so little information is available for fans. The demand for pictures of the stars and any little tidbits of information that can be gleaned by stealth is substantial. Twilight-related stories are huge traffic booster for news and entertainment websites.

Eclipse producers are begging newspaper websites and radio stations outlets in Vancouver not to disclose the filming locations, citing security and safety concerns for both the cast and crew and the fans. (Gozde: Vancouver sun is one of the main offenders in this! They disclosed many locations before. We don't and we never will post locations.) For the most part, New Moon and Eclipse have used locations on dead-end streets or remote single access properties that are easily defended. But when urban locations are required, fans are quick to pounce.

Twitter, Facebook and Twilight fansites are constantly updating every rumoured location and star sighting to thousands of hungry Twi-hards at a pace the mainstream media cannot match.

Croome isn’t convinced Hollywood North has completely lost its cool.

“I’m not sure that Charlie St. Cloud is quite the same thing as Twilight, not to the point that they have real safety concerns,” said Croome. “Twilight is the phenomenon the like of which we have never seen before.”

“People aren’t flying in to see a star like Zac Efron,” she said. (Gozde: OUCH!)

Thanks to RobPattzNews for editorial content :)


Unknown said...

Bummer. That limits their film-making (scoping for perfect sites, etc.) and creativity.

Also, do you think they'll do the rounds of interviews similar to last year's to promote NM? [RPatz did lots of TV and radio interviews for Twilight.] Probably not. Since RPatz can not lie, they'll probably want to avoid being asked THE QUESTION.

[It has already started at the Comic Com.]

Or, they'll ask the interviewer beforehand that relationship question(s) is/are off limit. Isn't that sad. He was so good at answering any question under the sun.

LadyArt said...

...thank you for the information - I thought it would be like that... of course fans are there disturbing the project with their frenziness - but that is just what they need - attention - love and attention - and f a n s - .............

LadyArt said...

@Thansa are absolutely right - they have already restrained him from going public - they know now, that there have still one and a half years of absolute tension to be outlived - so - we have to be patient for their sake...

Angie said...

The creaters of Twilight, never expected the movie to be so big.

That is why they promoted it so heavily, last year.

They will not need to do that this year. I'm sure there will be some promotion, however.

Just hope it is great interviews on television and not stupid mall tours!

RPLover said...

I really can't see them (especially Rob) doing another mall tour. It would just be too risky-I don't want him or anyone else to get hurt!

I would LOVE some interviews, though, yes please!! :)

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

See Rob running? That's me behind him...NOT....

Yes, I am flocking there...I'm sure I will fail as well...

Too funny about Zac-Twilight & Rob FANS are the BEST (and yes craziest in some cases) out there.

I heard from a fan the other day that just got back from Vancouver, she was there for a week with no Rob sightings. She did see Billy (but did not disturb because with family (good girl)

and she saw Xavier (who cares) and Nikki & Elizabeth for a fleeting moment. Said the pappz were everywhere and it was a nightmare...and fans were being kicked out of a lot of places.

I won't go where I'm not allowed-so hopefully you won't see me on COPS...

If I could see him in person from AFAR I would be blissful, although hearing his voice in person I would probably die..

But I'm still going..maybe if I could just sit in a bar that he once visited I would feel happy.

Ana73 said...

RPG - "maybe if I could just sit in a bar that he once visited I would feel happy" that is funny.

with rob mania you might go to a bar and see a sign "Robert Pattinson sat here" LOL

i wish i could go just to witness this twimania.

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

no one is flying up to BC to see zac efron (hell no) these folks are all flying up there to see one person only ROB.....he is the main attraction,with the exception of kstew and maybe taylor folks dont really care about the other cast,its crazy up there.

Cindeeloo said...


I soooo hope you have a sighting!!!

(crossess fingers,toes,eyes,@legs)

Do you have a stratedgy? (that sounds kinda funny :\ lol.)

Emily said...

Make sure and give a shout out to ROBsessed as you're being hauled away, RPG!
Kidding, of course. I'm sure you'll be on your best behavior.

Ana73 - instead of a sight-seeing tour, they should have a fan-seeing tour. "On your right you'll see a group of women who have been camped out here for 3 weeks. And this lady over here refuses to go home to her job and family until Rob proposes to her..."

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


We did, but that got ruined when he had to change hotels for the 100th time...I was going to stay at a hotel that I knew about..but thanks to OK mag for posting it, well that's out the window.

So really, just hanging out in Yaletown, Robson st...some of the places in the past he's gone too-I'm sure he doesn't go there anymore...STARBUCKS for sure..

I've gotten a tip on the sets from NM..but they're surrounded all the time, and I don't want to be "one of those people"

Honestly, I probably just sit in a pub & get hammered and think every guy is him!

Thanks for your wishes!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...


LMAO-yeah that will be me refusing to come home until I at least get to see him.
I already told my friends who are going they can just leave me there..

rpattz-turn-me-on said...

who do you think hold the real power 'Summit'or 'Rob' ? i wonder if rob have any say or is Summit pulling all the strings? i guess we will find out during NM promotions.can he say no to attending certain promo events?

Emily said...

Rpg - It's okay, no one would blame you. :)

I love that you said you'd feel happy to just sit in the same bar that he had. Who knows? You could even sit in the very chair that cupped his fine little ass once. Good luck!

Mars said...

They should come film in AB. ;) In truth, they'll NEVER be able to film in peace. These guys aren't just Rob, Kristen and Taylor anymore... They're EDWARD, BELLA and JACOB. People blur these lines... that's why a chill place like Van has gone CA-RAZY! I have two friends who met the stars in the spring. One of them even saw Rob in the bar she frequents, but she didn't bug him because he was reading a script. Another friend got a pic with him, but his gf approached him really timidly (Ophelia is very shy).

Anyway, I know I'm defending Van, but wasn't there the SAME hysteria this summer when he was filming Remember Me? Isn't NYC also a chill place for celebs...? Some of whom call the city their home?

*whew!* Long rant... Thanks for posting, Gozde!

Mars said...

PS. I meant to include that my friends didn't "hound" the stars. They were at the places where they chill and happened to see everyone! Not all of the Vancouverites are chasing stars. That's what autograph hounds and papz are for. :)

tnan said...

Ok, TBH I didn't bother with the article, because my eyes just zoomed in on ROBLER. Been watching Rob run..over and over and over again. He's so mesmerizing don'tcha know? Love all the Rob gifs you guys post. Sigh, I wanna see more Robler. Can't wait for Remember Me promos to start!

Unknown said...

I think fans need to collectively decide to stop trying to see them in public. Everyone wants their own personal piece of the Pattinsonian pie, but there's only so much that can go around and they need the fans to give them more space. Cool it on the twittering and trying to find their locations, and the fanbase would make their quality of life much better honestly.

Unknown said...

oh, and I'm just reading right now some of the threads, and I'm not judging anyone who has done this. It just seems that the amount of people looking for them in Vancouver has gotten so big, it seems a little dangerous now. So, that sorta changes the game to me now.

Unknown said...

@Rpattz turns me on

I believe(hope)RP's mgt team, make sure he has a say in his dealings w/ Summit. In theory, they should put his career ahead first.

Having said that, if i were his agent, I'd advise him to be picky about media, try to skew upscale whenever possible. No mall tours. They were awesome and necessary for Twilight promo, but they don't fit anymore. Rob and the Twilight Saga are too popular now.

Still, I think Rob will likely be as engaging and hawt and adorkable as ever in interviews and public appearances, but these events will be controlled in way they weren't pre-Twi mania. No talk about his love life, that's fo sho. To me it's a smart move. WE can't get enough of him (heh), but he's got to avoid overexposure. If he wants a serious career as an actor -- and wants a peaceful existence over all -- I think he'll have to protect his private life somewhat.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
solas said...

As long as 'fans' don't respect ROb as a human being, and as long as they rationalize their demands of having photos, of seeing him (and tweetering or whatever it is about him to share the 'wealth' so everyone else can see him, as well) as part of the package he 'should have expected going into acting' then this will go on.

I try to imagine if it were an actress that male fans were as hysterical and demanding and openly unabashedly phantasizing (and worse) about as most female fans are re Rob. The men/boys would be vilified as sexist, as stalkers, as making the actress into an object; the men would be called every dirty name and adjective in the book and then some; girlfriends/ wives would leave them; perhaps TV shows would do a 'gotcha' reveal and show their faces to the world.
And yet, it seems OK to most girls/women regarding Rob.

JandR said...

We have a precedent for the hysteria caused by Twilight and its cast and it was Lord of the Rings! A university in Wales even devoted one of its cultural studies units towards explaining the cultural phenomenon within popular culture that the franchise had become. Twilight has the same popularity and supporting fanbase but from before the first movie was even shown so Twilight will supercede even the huge cultural phenomenom LOTR became.
This is probably more pronounced due to the immense availability and instantaneous accessibility of information via social networking media such as these blogs, twitter, fb, ms etc.

Twilight may be the jewel in the crown and Rob the most dazzling of the jewels in that crown but where will it all lead??
I would put money on studies already being implemented to try and make sense of the whole avid craziness surrounding both Rob and this franchise. and me?? I'll put my hand up to be surveyed about it just like I did when it was LOTR!!!

sorry for the long post...I just find this whole concept absolutely fascinating...and Twilight *ahem Rob* has definitely got me ensnared in its (his)

solas said...

JandR--are from 'down under'? I don't recall LOTR (the movies) being so big here (US) or in Ireland (where I lived at one time). They were certainly anticipated, widely watched, and of course the books were read for ages, but I did not see, in these 2countries at least, anything near the Twilight phonomenon here. And LOTR had some very appealing actors!

JandR said...

Hi Solas - you guessed it I'm from down under!! Perth, Western Australia to be precise!
I was one of the quarter of a million people who crowded beautiful Wellington in NZ to attend the LOTR ROTK world premiere red carpet. My intention was for my daughter (12 at the time) and of course me to get to catch a glimpse of the stars but in particular Orlando! Well we not only got to see them we got to meet most of them and get pics and autographs and even met and spoke with Orlando's mum for several minutes. So all in all a successful outcome for me but also the end result of what has been recognised as a world-wide cultural phenomenom. Guess you have to be part of that to realise its impact!! LOL
I have a friend who lives in Vancouver who didn't know anything about Twilight until I quizzed her about it on fb recently! She asked about it at work and said the instantaneous buzz around the lunchroom was amazing! Now she knows more about Twilight than she probably ever wanted to know - and they are filming practically on her doorstep!!

solas said...

JandR, it is lovely you had that shared experience with your daughter! Especially Orlando Bloom!:-)
Perhaps you felt the LOTR experience so strongly because it was filmed relatively close by;was it not?
I personally am not one for photos and autographs of stars--tis another thing I just do not 'get'-- but talking, even with his mum, or getting to know a person even just a wee bit, is more my cup of tea.
Does you daughter still remember it?

JandR said...

Solas, that was the only time I have ever had an experience like that prior to my current Robsession!! LOL
I had an autograph book as a child in the 70s so was encouraged to collect them. They feature diverse people such as friends and teachers from school to local tv stars to international cricketers and movie stars (The Monkees). So I guess that was where it all started.
But yes my daughter has very clear memories of it - it was just the two of us for eight incredible days, visiting sites where the movies were filmed and meeting other people from around the world who were LOTR fans. We have been back there a couple of years ago and Wellington has lost none of its allure even though the city-wide LOTR window and building adornment has mostly gone!
It was an incredible thing to be part of such a huge collective situation, amazing number of people there in such a small place...really felt alive and something I will never ever forget!

Unknown said...

I agree with Yves, some people will soon get fed up with him (except for us of course!!) if he will always be caught on camera, that's why it's good that he is somehow incognito, although there are too many papz and fans to say that.

Being away from the camera also makes him all the more intriguing and that's promotion more than enough already, I don't think they even need to promote New Moon because it is the most anticipated film of the year!!

Aitch said...

"not to the point that they have real safety concerns" HUH?? concerns like a real threat to life and limb-- or just a traffic jam?

Zac Efron is breathing easier up there in VBC.

When the big ET type shows have an Twilight icon on their website saying" we have your latest from the set"! It just creates consumer demand--They need content for it! and the photographers have much more opportunity to sell their "product.' So Rob is in a bad position that way.
And the fandamonium in VBC ---just the same thing in NYC this summer- NYC also used to have the status as acting totally non-chalantly to "movie-Stars"

Unknown said...

yeah, no more mall tours for Robert. those mall tours were a nightmare last year, they'd probably cause a murderous stampede this year!

The "twilight conventions" that are going on in different cities I think are this year's answers to mall tours. They get the lesser known actors to appear, and Robert isn't going to be going to those.

AP said...

rpattzgirl: Go and have a beer for us all at the Chambar. According to that autograph hound guy that's where Rob et al went after KOL concert.

I was told he'd quoted several of us on his blog when discussing him on a thread. I looked it up and was amused by his reponse to my saying "I know of" him. He thought that meant I actually knew him so must be a pap or hound. Nope - "know OF" is to have been told about him. "Know him" is to know him. Gotta watch those prepositions!

rpattzgirl survived Rob! said...

thanks girl. I will do that!

solas said...

A--is it possible for us to read Rob's blog? Is this something out in the open? (Still not quite sure about blogs and other internet avenues, how they work, who can see them, etc).

Is it possible for someone to make a blog about Rob that doesn't have the obsessive (or, as I see it, disturbingly obsessive), 'bawdy' (as one person here put it lovingly, yet pretty much horrifies me)often deranged (as I see it) draw, but rather just a calm serious site to know about/discuss Rob's films and music, etc? Or does one already exist? (If so, HOW do I get there????) Or is this idea as much in the realm of phantasy as "Twilight" et al?

solas said...

JandR-- I had an autograph book as a child, but didn't understand the idea of WHY to get autographs; I used it for people in school to write messages at the end of the year. WHen I was about 11, I thought Davey Jones of the MOnkees was the cutest thing G-d created since babies, and the father of a friend took us to Davey's store ('ZILCH' it was called! in Greenwich Village. Yet, we didn't scream; we didn't ask for autographs or even photos with him; we just smiled like our faces would fall off, and let him know how much we loved seeing him on the show and how we loved his songs.

I am fairly bright, but I do not get the concept of wanting and getting autographs--to me, it is a bit like a hunter saving a hide or horn or head of an animal, to show what a great hunter he is. Or, Does one save autographs to show people that one really saw the actor? Do your friends not believe you other wise? And why ask for photos of the star? Does one not know/remember what he looks like otherwise?

I honestly would love to understand this need, am not putting it down so please forgive me if it seems so. I just don't understand. I think you can I-M me or email me via the link on my screen name here, if you have insights to share!

Unknown said...

Twihards......what a stupid nickname

Anonymous said...

I'd go up there to see Zac Efron. Just sayin...

Sadrilil said...

RPGirl.. That is so exciting I wish you all the luck in your sighting. I am actually moving from Calgary to Van at the end of the month so I too will be hoping to bump into someone but I am not going to hunt them down. I just hope it happens by accident and then my life will be complete hehe.. Hubby might hate it but what can you do lol.

AP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
solas said...

A--thank you sooo much for taking the time to explain your perspective on this!

As for blog--I don't know if I will ever be skilled enough, or have time enough, to do such a thing. I do wish I could, or someone talented on this medium would. I don't know how indicative of average life and attitudes this and other blogs are, how much they are really the 'outside world' but it glares in my face how different I am, and that I need and seek something different. But I do appreciate the photos (when not from paps or others who bother Rob et al) and the videos and trailers, and I do appreciate the work people put into creating and maintaining this site.

AP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gozde said...



First of all this site NEVER EVER posted a location about Rob. We never dangered his well being. Nor have we ever encouraged any fans to go and ask for a picture etc. On the contrary we discourage people that invade his private life/space.

I'm not sure how long it's been since you started following us but we are one of the biggest reasons why Rob's indie movie Little Ashes was shown in so many theaters in the US. We single handedly started a campaign and even got thanks from Little Ashes producers/director.

When there is ANY Robert Pattinson news we post here. It may be his movies, it may be some dumb ass joking about him peeing in a cup.

We also try to keep this blog fun and upbeat.

We are mostly sarcastic (something that's lost on a lot of people). Of course we would never post a naked picture of Rob but we keep joking about our hope for a leaked sex tape.

So I have to say I'm a bit annoyed at you for being a Debbie Downer most of the time. Seriously, if you don't know who Debbie Downer is google it.

If you don't like the way we act there ARE sites that mostly talk about Rob's work. They are very good sites. No paparazzi photos. Here let me direct you:

solas said...

A--thanks again; that is precisely what I am doing and have done,just sometimes get overwhelmed by prevailing language, attitude, etc. I think at least as much as it bothers me to see people 'speak' in a way which I find vulgar and debasing, and at least at much as it bothers (too benign a word, really) to have found out that several at least have taken this to action ( a few women have i-med me or confided elsewhere that they actually have had affairs as a result, they say, of being 'robsessed'or 'robwardsessed'), it bothers me to see the hypocrisy of people saying they want Rob happy and yet they clamour for new photos, or for bootleg/stolen music of his openmike sessions, and actually go 'robhunting' or 'pattyhunting' (their terms!) or take as their own his own work (all of which has led to his limiting his life) and at most will rationalize with what must be a whine: 'I know it's wrong but I waaaaaaaaaaaant it (or him).'
I don't think it is age; some women are in my age range; I don't think it is just being religious (4 of the women who have cheated on their husbands with younger men, in order to capture/fulfill phantasies either of Rob or Edward or both, have told me they pray the rosary, or that they are confident that Jsus loves them anyway.
But, as I said, I am trying to appreciate the site for kindly, legally obtained photos and info, and try to, if not block out, then mentally process and categorize the other stuff, shutting down my emotions to get through it all without exasperation and horror.
Again, thanks again-- you seem to be one sane, observant person on these boards, and I appreciate your humour. And if you have the same thoughts as other posters, at least you don't vomit them about.

Gozde said...

Okay who are these women that you are talking about that cheated on their husbands because of their Robsession? I have been running this blog for almost a year and this is the first time I've heard it. Please stop belittling other people while you put yourself on a pedestal.

solas said...

Sorry gozde--I didn't know anyone else was reading this post anymore! Really sorry! The women did not post this online. They contacted me other ways.
And I don't seek to belittle others or to put myself on a pedestal, but rather to process and understand.
I appreciate your work on this site, and as I wrote, I look at it despite things are weird to myself.
Again, apologies.

solas said...

If anything, I distance myself, partly because that is how I am, safer this way; partly to watch and learn. I have just learned to try very hard to not post anything here anymore.

AP said...

Godze: Wow - I also had no idea our comments were of interest to anyone else and didn't think they would need moderating. Obviously, thought wrong. When I have news re the LA soundtrack I'll post that and otherwise keep mum.

Solas: well, guess that's larned me too. Imagine I'm not welcome either as tending to be serious, or even a downer, at times. I saw it as the issues being yours, not the site's, and having struggled with similar issues in the past offered the suggestions. Good luck with it - life, the universe and everything. Peace to all.

Gozde said...

Oh dear...

A, I don't have any problems with what you write at all. I love your comments. I was offended by the stuff Solas is accusing me, this blog and the commenters of.

Please don't leave :)

AP said...

Gozde: apologies for not spelling your name correctly before - Freudian slip! lol

I certainly do enjoy much on this site, even if I get my knickers in a knot at times and lose my sense of humour. But I also understood some of the things Solas was having difficulty with and I really think she was trying to sort through it and didn't intend to offend or upset you. However, I won't claim to speak for her and it isn't my place to do so.

Thank you for extending a hand and I'll stop flipping my hair and not go off in a huff, then. Sometimes it's good to be reminded there are things I should take seriously, but perhaps not always myself. :)

Gozde said...

Thanks A. I was so sad you were leaving :))

Maybe I misread Solas, I might have. Care to elaborate Solas?

solas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
solas said...

Gozde--I don't even know if you will look here anymore-but in case you do, let me clarify: First of all, I had NO idea that anyone looked at old posts once they were not current; else I would certainly not have communicated so much with A on here. I would definitely prefer people contact me via I-m or, better, email.
I had asked questions, trying to understand, and A was kind enough to give me a different perspective. Although I do not know you, or anyone else posting here, I think it is safe to say that I do not live in your world, but I am trying to understand it. I don't get sarcasm very well; I don't watch Tv or most movies, and so I don't get references and styles of communication from the larger society. I do observe, I question, I compare to what I know, and I really appreciate insights and different opinions. I like to learn new things, hear new ideas, encounter different cultures, but I would like to understand that which I encounter, and I am trying to do so.
As for the women who contacted me, as a person of honour, let alone as a counselor, I would not say who they are. I have considered the possibility that it was someone (or several someones) 'pulling my leg;' relating such stories to horrify me, perhaps. But among my people we have a teaching: if someone reaches out for help, you help and don't ask questions. If a person is begging for food, you don't ask to see their tax forms or other proof of income or lack thereof, you just help. In my fields, if someone comes to me with problems-- spiritual, intellectual, scholastic, social, psychological, etc-- I just help; I don't start playing mind games to determine if the person is kidding or not (sometimes it comes out that it IS kidding, but even such a person obviously has a spiritual- psychological need if he/she needs to do this).
Anyway, I feel as if I am digressing. Bottom line is, I was stating what I observed and what I was struggling to understand to one person, thinking she was the only one still reading the old postings, and she gave me helpful insights and observations.
I have never heard of the term 'Debbie Downer' and am sorry you saw me as such. It is true that I am very serious most of the time, especially in a new situation. I do think most posting here are trying to be funny, or actually are funny in your culture, but to me they are either scary, shocking, or just incomprehensible. I know that's just me. I am sorry if my seriousness depressed anyone or limited anyone's joy.
If you want to communicate with me more, please I-M me or email me--the women who contacted me apparently found a link on my blog profile. I would state my email address here but, after this situation, don't know who else reads past posts.
BTW--thanks for the links for different sites. Your site has been quite an eye-opener and educational experience, and I might look at things from time to time, but I really just want to know how Rob is doing, what he is up to in developing his talents and in making movies and music.

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